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Coupons does not endorse any particular over the counter or prescription allergy medicine or product, but offers this service to assist you in reducing your direct costs for allergy medications and allergy related products recommended by your physician.

FOOD COUPONS- allergy friendly products
Allergy Friendly Products
Arrowhead Mills- alternative flours
8th Continent- delicious soymilk
Earth's Best Organic- nothin but the best for your baby
Enjoy Life- dedicated allergen free facility (cookies, bars, cereals, choc. chips, and more)
Garden of Eatin- blue corn chips
Heaven Mills Bakery- heavenly gluten free products
Rudi's- gluten free bread
Silk- silky soymilk
Smartbalance-strike a balance between good health and great taste
SoDelicious- soy ice-cream that is sooo delicious
Tofutti$1 off
Udi's- gluten free bakery
Van's- gluten and eggfree pancakes, waffles and more
Westsoy- looking for soymilk, "Go West"
Whole Foods- a variety of great deals at whole foods (not all are kosher)
Whole Fruit Sorbet- amazing pareve (non-dairy) fruit sorbet 
Zensoy- incredible pareve(non-dairy) chocolate soy pudding

Budget Friendly Blogs: (showcase monesaving deals as well as coupons)
*coupons on the sites below may or may not be kosher, always check
Food Allergies on a Budget
Frugal Food Allergy Living
Gluten Freely Frugal 
Gluten Free on a Shoestring
Kosher On a Budget


Allergy Medications 

Epinephrine Injectors

Epipen- free epipen bag and TSA card

Asthma Medications


Advair - $10 off

Asmanex- $15 off


Allergy Medications

Allegra-$2-4 off





Nasal Allergy Medications

Astepro- up to $25 off copay

Nasonex- $15 off

Omnaris- Assistance with Copay

Eye Allergy Medications



Medical Formulas



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