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What's an Egg Allergy?
An  egg  allergy is an adverse immune reaction to one of the proteins found in egg. Egg white, especially raw or poorly cooked, is generally more allergenic than egg yolk.

Egg allergy 101 from the online allergist .com
Egg allergy avoidance list  from
How to read a label for egg- from FAAN 

Rule of Thumb about Substitutes- (from KFA- kidswith
Whether or not a "safe" version of a recipe can be successfully made often depends on two important factors. First: what is the role of the allergen in the recipe? Second: how many of the recipe's ingredients require substitutions? If the recipe only has 5 ingredients and you need to swap out 4 of them, the end result might bear little resemblance to the original dish. The bottom line: sometimes you can create a "safe" version of a recipe, and sometimes you are better off finding a different recipe altogether
General Kosher Substitutions from

Egg Substitution Guide - site is a phenomenal resource for substitutions

Egg Substitutes- from

eggless challah- kosherfoodallergies
eggless rice krispy treats- kosherfoodallergies
amazing eggless recipes-  

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