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Disclaimer- I can not guarantee that people who patronize these establishments won't have allergic reactions, nor do I accept any liability or responsibility for adverse effects.I just post the restaurant allergy-free claims. Some of these establishments are allergen free and others can accommodate food allergies. The phrase gluten-friendly implies they can provide gluten free items, but the facility is not gluten free. In terms of kosher reliability, I'm not a mashgiach. Always check the current kashruth certificate before purchasing. Policies and ingredients may change. Be cautious and 
ask before you eat! !!!

Directory- Kosher Allergy Friendly Establishments

Los Angeles- Basil and Berry (have gluten free pizza and some vegan items)pas yisroel, yoshon, cholov yisrael RCC supervision
Los Angeles- Breakaway Bagel(products are made in a dedicated kitchen. and are free of: 
Breakaway BakeryGluten/Wheat, Dairy/ Casein, Peanuts, Soy*,Treenuts*, and Gums). Shipping available.Kehilla Kosher

Hollywood-Sweet love pastries (gluten free,soy free, peanut free,vegan bakery)ORB-pareve
Miami- Mmmcupcakes (vegan, pareve, gluten free cupcakes available)KDM- non cholov yisrael, Miami Vaad Hakashrus.
Miami Beach- Bitecakes (specialty baked goods nutfree, dairy free, sugar free and gluten) KM supervision. Pas Yisroel, Yoshon. 
Sarasota- Mattison's Kosher Catering (kosher gluten free)- Lubavitch, R' Steinmetz

Atlanta- Chai Peking (kosher Chinese- can make most items gluten free, have wheatfree soysauce)AKC
Sandy Springs-  Fuego Mundo (Gluten free South American Grill)- AKC certification

EvanstonZ-Best Bakery (vegan and nutfree) 847-563-8501- CRC supervision

New Orleans- Casablanca Restaurant  (Gourmet Moroccan- can accommodate gluten free meals)-LKC
R' Yossie Nemes

Baltimore- Mama Leah's- (Pizza shop that is gluten free friendly- offers 10" gluten free pizzas)-Star-K
Baltimore- Goldman's Kosher Bakery (peanut free, has online bakery as well)- Star-K
Baltimore- Rosendorff Challah (premises are nutfree) 410-318-8840
Baltimore-The Pearlstone Retreat (offers menu options that can be tailored as Nut-Free and Gluten-Free to accommodate specific groups) *Pearlstone On Passover all food prepared in the kitchen is Nut-Free. Star-K. 
Potomac- Breadsmith Bakery (peanut and tree nut free)- Vaad of Greater Washington
Towson- Goucher College Kosher Dining (nut-free, gluten-free menu options)- Star-K 

Newton- Blacker's Bakeshop (nut free, dairy free)-New England Kashruth Lemehadrin-Rabbi Aaron Hamoui
Norton- Tova's catering inc. They can  make special menu adjustments for vegetarians/vegans, food allergies, and dietary restrictions.  Glatt Kosher and VAAD certified. 

New Jersey
Teaneck- Butterflake Bakery (delicious nutfree kosher bakery, have pareve items as well, and they ship)
kosher supervision by RCBC

New York
Brooklyn-Natural Village Cafe - (Organic Cuisine, can accommodate special diets like Celiac)Vaad Harabonim Flatbush.
Brooklyn- NuCafe47-  (American, Pizza, Sushi, has gluten free gourmet items)Rabbi Yisroel P. Gornish /Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel / Bishul Yisroel .
Brooklyn- Orchidea (DeliveryGluten-Free FriendlyVegan Friendly, Romantic) Rabbi Amrom Roth, Kosher L' Mehadrin
Brooklyn- T-Fusion Steakhouse (can accomodate a variety of special diet requests)Rabbi Yisroel P. Gornish, Glatt Kosher. 
Manhattan- Eleni's New York (peanut and tree nut free bakery)OU-D
Manhattan- Mike's Bistro (upscale, Gluten-Free Friendly, contemporary, gourmet) Glatt, OU.

West Hempstead- Bagletown (Nut and Sesame free Parve Bagel and Pastry and Custom ordered cakes) VHQ Certified Kosher. Chalov Yisroel. (516) 505-5556

Lancaster- Franklin and Marshall College Kosher Dining- Every dining location on campus offers vegetarian,vegan and gluten-free options. If you wish to speak to a manager regarding dietary needs(717) 291-4200.  Star-K
Waynesboro- Capital Camps and Capital Retreat Center (Completely Nut-Free , Gluten-Free options, very accommodating). Both are Star-K

Toronto- Amazing Donuts (nutfree, pareve). Serves donuts,cakes, muffins, breads etc..  416.398.7546 COR
Toronto- Isaac's Bakery and Cafe (nutfree restaurant/cafe, bakery, catering) 416-789-7587. COR kosher supervision- yoshon available
Toronto-Sweet Treats From The Earth Bakery(vegan bakery with nutfree and gluten free options)distribute through natural food stores, grocery stores and restaurants throughout most of Canada but deal directly with the public for catering and special occasion cakes (including wedding & birthday cakes).
1(888) 886-2004. COR

Do you know of a food allergy friendly restaurant or bakery that's not listed?
let me know

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