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Dining out with food allergies is no simple feat. Accidental ingestion of allergens is much more likely when you're not making the food yourself. Read the articles below to make the venture safer and more enjoyable.

Kosher Allergy-Friendly Restaurants
The list of kosher allergy-friendly is short, but it is growing.
See The Restaurant Directory tab for a list of some of these establishments

Kosher Travel (articles from the StarK- Baltimore)
A Traveler's Guide to the International Dateline 
The Traveler's Halachic Guide to Hotels
Don't Miss the Boat: Halachic Guidelines of Kosher Cruises
On the Road to a Kosher Vacation
Pie In The Sky
When Does One Pray When There Is No Day

Traveling with Food Allergies
Traveling with Severe Food Allergies- great article from
Travel, Health, and Safety - important points from Frommer'
Traveling with Food Allergies- all you need to know from
Flying with Allergies read before you fly from Frommer'
Airline Policies- wonderful resource from
Traveling and Eating Out - useful suggestions from (e-book)
Camping With Food Allergies- before you head out to the big outdoors, read. from
Cruises With Food Allergies- from
International Food Allergies Translation Card- an important resource for reading labels in other languages from
Food Allergies in Various Countries- provides some anecdotal info. on allergens to watch out for during international travel.

Eating out with an Allergic Child
Dining out with an allergic child- great article with useful tips and strategies (

Leaving your Food Allergic Child with Others
Vacationing without your food allergic child- tips for how to help others manage the challenge (

Restaurant food allergy awareness from FAAN
Educational eating-by Michael Pistiner,MD from
Dining out with food allergies- excellent suggestions from FAAN
Tips for dining out with allergies - great tips from

Tips for Dining and Traveling With Food Allergies
Fantastic interview with Sloane Miller( about traveling with food allergies. Worth listening to the whole 1/2 hour. She touches on kashruth issues as well.

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