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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Corn Allergy

While not one of the "big 8" allergens corn allergies can be quite challenging. Navigating the grocery store with corn allergies is quite difficult because of it's ubiquitous nature. It seems that corn is everywhere  (corn syrup, starch, oil, fillers). For those with severe corn allergy many paper goods are off limits as well because they're dusted with corn starch. I've listed some valuable resources below for our readers with corn allergy:
Kosher Food Allergies Tip: PASSOVER- corn allergic gold mine
Passover products offer a great reprieve for corn allergy sufferers. Since corn is avoided during Passover by *most Jews,products that are marked kosher for Passover are a gold mine. When Passover products hit the shelves in March, stock up!!!!
*Sephardic Jews do not avoid corn so don't assume all kosher for passover products are corn free.


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