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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Delightful Chanukah Fare

Chanukah may be the festival of light but there's nothin' light about all of that oil.
In previous posts I gave you lots of options for traditional fried fare.
Now onto something a bit "lighter".

Tips for a De"light"ful  chanukah:
1- bake those latkes and donuts instead of frying them
to save on many whopping calories as well as cholesterol
2- serve lots of salads either alternatively or additionally to the
heavier entrees. Your guests and family will thank you
3- Check your menu to see how many  diet "offenders" you
have and slash the ones you don't love
4- Serve fat free or light sour cream instead of full fat sour cream or chobani plain yogurt
5- Use unsweetened applesauce

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