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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Easy Frozen Treats

Frozen treats are just the ticket for a hot summer day. The easy recipes below are cool, refreshing, and allergy friendly. All recipes are dairy, soy, egg, wheat, and nut free. They're also super easy to make so you can grab one and go back to summer fun!

Kosher Pina Colada Sorbet (Kosher with Food Allergies)
(this can be served as an appetizer, an intermezzo, as a dessert, or even as a slushie)
  • 1  20oz can pineapple (tidbits, crushed or rings)
  •  1 15oz can Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut
  •  1 15oz can filled with water (use empty cream of coconut can)
  •  1 T rum (or rum extract)
  •  pineapple ring and marashino cherry for garnish
Blend all ingredients in Blender
*Freeze to make a sorbet (thaw and re-blend to optimize consistency)
serve in glasses and garnish with fresh pineapple
*Serve chilled in tall glasses as a drink

Watermelon Popsicles- from the
Strawberry/Lemonade Ice-Pops-
Mint-Melon Pops-

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