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Monday, July 29, 2013

BBQ Food Allergies

We all love a summer BBQ. Everything seems to taste better after it's been grilled!
Before you throw your food on the grill be aware of potential food allergy problems. Check all marinades and toppings for food allergens (such as wheat and fish). Also take precautions for cross contamination. Grills should be meticulously cleaned after allergenic foods have been broiled on them. Shared utensils can also pose a problem. Enjoy those summer BBQs safely!

Food Allergy BBQ Tips:
clean grill
clean utensils
check marinades/sauces
plan ahead (gluten free buns and sauces, separate grilling equipment and utensils if necessary)
check side dishes for allergens (nuts in salads and slaws, etc...)
bring your meds

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