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Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School with Food Allergies- Tip #2

It's that time of year again. While you're busy prepping those backpacks for school and updating your child's Fall wardrobe don't forget to prep the school for your child's allergies.
All This Week I'll be highlighting school food allergy management tips:

Tip #2- Prepare Allergy Meds 

Got Benadryl?
Check those expiration dates. Be sure to include medicine dropper/or cup.
I like to place them in a medium slideloc bag with the child's name clearly marked.
Flavor matters. Yes, both flavors are equally effective but if your child prefers 1 flavor, get that one. No need for a teacher to have to struggle to get them to take it. My kids prefer the dye-free, Bubble gum flavor to the cherry. When its available, I always get that one!

Don't forget those epipens!
Check expirations on these too.
(don't be fooled into buying ones that are almost expired- buy dates atleast 1 year out if you can)If you truly want those epipens to follow your student everywhere you may want to purchase a clever holster epipen carrier  (to be worn by either the teacher or the child). The one below was designed by a food allergy Dad.

See the school tab of this site for valuable school allergy management resources

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