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Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Nutty"Israeli Olympic Mascot Changed

A few months ago there was much to do about the Israeli national mascot for the Olympics.The Olympics committee had chosen the Bamba baby as the mascot (associated with the peanut-flavored snack).The committee withdrew it's decision after the decision to use the popular character as an Olympics mascot drew criticism from social justice groups over the commercialism of using a single company's advertising character as a national symbol. Others criticized the committee as being insensitive to the millions of people worldwide who are severely peanut allergic.
As a mom of food allergic kids, I don't feel offended by an advertisement for a product my kids can't eat. Bamba is a popular snack in Israel. Most kids are not allergic to peanuts. Why can't they enjoy their peanut snacks? We need to take precautions to take care of our food allergic loved ones. Sometimes, an environment truly needs to be peanut free to be safe. On a limited basis (like a child's classroom) this can be practical. Ridding the world of peanuts is not practical. Just because we have food sensitivities doesn't mean we have to be overly sensitive. 
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