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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Epipen Safety

During the summer months we tend travel a bit and leave our usual routines. Some destinations can take us far from home. While being far from home can be exciting, being far from an epipen is a little too exciting. If you have life threatening allergies it's always a good idea to know where the closest Emergency Room is as well. (My husband, a scoutmaster, always checks out local hospital locations when planning camping trips).Checkout the tips below to maximize the summer fun and minimize the allergic emergencies.
Check the videos tab for an instructional video on how to use an epipen
Summer Safety With Epipens
1- Epipens are not waterproof (carrier tube has no rubber seal)
2- Epipens are temperature sensitive (should be kept at room temperature around  77°F)
3- Epipens expire (when purchasing make sure you have an expiration date that's at least a year out)
4- Epipens come in two dosage strengths (make sure you have the correct dosage (adult or Junior)
5- Epipen Junior is only appropriate for children (33-66 lbs.) (ask your allergist about a plan for your child under 33lbs)
6- Expired Epipens (can be used as practice injectors on oranges read here)
free expiration date reminder service
*Epipen Disposal-  Find your state's laws on needle disposal  
7- Epipen Carriers- The product below is an ingenious, rugged, epipen holster created by a food Allergy Dad

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