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Monday, August 13, 2012

Gratitude List

Jewish wisdom teaches us that gratitude is where it's at!
I've developed a new habit of thinking of 10 things I'm grateful for before I go to sleep (thanks to Rbtzn Tzipporah Heller)No recycling, 10 new things each day. It has been transformative!
Everyone, no matter their circumstance can find something to be grateful for. 
Lately, it's been easy coming up with my gratitude list.
I started this site just a few weeks ago and already the hits are in the thousands!
Thank you to the readers who follow this blog and share with others (facebook etc..). I really appreciate the encouraging feedback from  visitors, the Physicians who've done Q and A's on the blog as well as the generous giveaway sponsors. A special shout out to fellow bloggers who have taken the opportunity to spread the word about my new site. 


  1. Tamar, I raised a child who suddenly developed eczema when he had his first bite of chocolate at three years old. My Grandmother baked egg and dairy free for my sister when we were growing up, in an effort to avoid the suspected allergens. As families struggle with allergies, they will turn to your site for info and benefit from shared resources.

    We ALL could have benefitted from your useful resource. Keep up the good work and the networking!

  2. Thanks Liz. That's amazing that your Grandma was so food allergy savvy back then before there was food allergy awareness. We're all in this together. It takes a village to fight food allergies.