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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Allergy Friendly Purim Seudah- Side Dishes

Making allergy friendly side dishes isn't as complicated as it sounds. The approach is the same as with other dishes, know your allergies and work around them. Sometimes, there maybe a safe substitute and other times it means finding an entirely different dish (ex- you're not going to make an omelet without eggs).
If you're allergic to wheat you can find gluten free flours and pastas or serve rice or potatoes.
When avoiding eggs you can make an eggless kugel or keep things simple  (eggfree potato kugel or mashed potatoes). Those starches should all be served sparingly and keep the vegetables plentiful. The good news is that most if not all vegetables are safely tolerated. For Purim I love to serve a variety of sides "banquet style".

Safe Sides
oven potatoes - drizzle olive oil, sprinkle salt, paprika, minced onion and bake
mashed potatoes- add sauteed onions, and season to taste
baked sweet potatoes- serve whole or cut into chunks (serve naturally sweet or add sweetener such as brown sugar)
brown rice- add curry for excitement or salsa for excitement
stringbeans- sautee with gluten free soy sauce
baked cauliflower- consult with your Rabbi about checking the florets
sugar snap peas- defrost and serve plain
grilled vegetables- prepare in a very hot oven or on the BBQ (skewers for fun)
salads- the list is endless here
marinated salads, lettuce based salads, etc..

Purim is February 24 - February 25, 2013. 
A joyous holiday celebrating the salvation of the Jews from the wicked Haman. 

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