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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gluten Free Passover Shopping

Passover is a phenomenal time to stock up on gluten free products!!!
Gluten free Pizza, blintzes, knishes, matzoh balls, cereal, cakes, cookies, and baking mixes are
all available this time of year.Not all kosher for passover products are gluten free. If a product lists matzo, matzo meal, cake meal, or farfel skip it. All of those ingredients typically contain wheat. Be sure to check the label for a reliable kosher symbol as well as the designation "non-gebrokts". If the item is non-gebrokts it is gluten free.Once the Passover shelves are cleared they won't be re-stocked so buy what you need now.On the flip side, after Passover, remaining items will be deeply discounted.

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