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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pre- Yom Kippur

Pre-Yom Kippur Eating (Yom Kippur begins sundown on Tues.)
Did you know that eating before Yom Kippur is actually a mitzvah? What you eat and drink before the fast can really impact how well you fast. Make this meal festive and effective. Chicken is a better choice than red meat. Chicken soup with noodles (and not too much salt) is perfect. Sides should be carb heavy.Focus on carbs not protein and lots of water. Hydration and long term energy storage are the name of the game. Eat wisely, but don't overeat. We want to tip the heavenly scales (not the earthly ones)!
Pre-Fast tips:
1- check local time the fast begins (don't let this be a surprise, rushed "quicky" meal)
2- avoid caffeine and salt (or at least reduce)
3- avoid the temptation to overeat at this meal (indigestion will not make the fast easier)
4- hydrate- drink plenty of water and other non-caffeinated beverages
5- make the meal carb heavy *gluten free carbs - sweet potato, brown rice,alternative pastas,alternative breads
6- include fresh fruits and vegetables that are packed with water (ex cucumbers, watermelons)
Pre-Fast Meal Ideas:
rolls (whole wheat, or gluten free versions- see below)
pasta salad (sesame noodles, couscous salad, tabouleh, quinoa salads)
baked potatoes (sweet potatoes even better)
brown Rice
cut vegetables(lots of cucumbers) with dips (not too salty)
plenty of cold drinks (water, juices)
carb heavy dessert (nothing fried though)
Wishing you and yours a meaningful (and manageable) Yom Kippur!!!

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