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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rosh Hashana Tip #3- Knock off the easy items first

The countdown to Rosh Hashana has begun. Preparations can seem overwhelming but strategic planning can make this time period more productive and less anxiety-ridden. This week I'll be featuring time saving tips to get you out of the kitchen and on to your life. 
So this tip is totally subjective (I guess the others are as well). Hopefully they're helpful to some of you.
I happen to like to get the easy stuff done first and deal with the tougher stuff (that requires more time) later.
When I'm up to the more complicated tasks I've gotten a lot of other boxes checked already.
This is different than procrastinating (when you leave everything for later).

Leave the more complicated recipes for last (you won't find any in my cookbook).
If you have time for them, great. If not, make a simpler version (in most cases people will never know the difference).
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