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Monday, September 10, 2012

Rosh Hashana Tip #2- Cook and Freeze Ahead

The countdown to Rosh Hashana has begun. Preparations can seem overwhelming but strategic planning can make this time period more productive and less anxiety-ridden. This week I'll be featuring time saving tips to get you out of the kitchen and on to your life.
Rosh Hashana is next week but it's not too early to cook. You've made your menus, now roll up your sleeves and start cooking. Let your kids help. There's plenty (even little ones) can do. They can peel vegetables, take ingredients out,mix ingredients etc...Afraid to freeze ahead, DON'T BE!
Most food can bee cooked and frozen (with the exceptions of fresh fruits and salads).
The secret to food not getting freezer burned is wrapping the food tightly (with multiple layers of foil if possible)and not storing it for more than 2 months. Don't forget to label everything with a sharpie before freezing (writing on on frozen aluminum foil is a lot trickier).

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