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Monday, September 10, 2012

Rosh Hashana Tips- #1-Plan Menu, Generate lists

The countdown to Rosh Hashana has begun. Preparations can seem overwhelming but strategic planning can make this time period more productive and less anxiety-ridden. This week I'll be featuring time saving tips to get you out of the kitchen and on to your life.

Tip #1- Plan your Menus, Generate Shopping Lists, Start Shopping
- Plan all of your Rosh Hashana meals (keeping simanim- symbolic foods in mind)
- Try to plan further out as well (Pre Yom Kippur and Sukkos Meals) having your menus planned out enables you to shop more efficiently (take advantage of sales and bulk        
orders in advance) and cook in advance
-Generate shopping lists from your menus
-Shop around for the best prices and go through that list
(meat order, paper goods, grape/juice wine etc....)
try to order by the case if you anticipate using a lot of something

Rosh Hashana Menu Inspiration
check the archives of this site
order "A Taste of Sweetness" Rosh Hashana Recipes Rosh Hashana Recipes Rosh Hashana Recipes

*many recipes can be adapted to allergy friendly versions.
Check out the egg and wheat  pages of this blog for substitution ideas.

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