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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rosh Hashana Tip #4- Simanim

The countdown to Rosh Hashana has begun. Preparations can seem overwhelming but strategic planning can make this time period more productive and less anxiety-ridden. This week I'll be featuring time saving tips to get you out of the kitchen and on to your life.
On Rosh Hashana Night there's a tradition to eat symbolic foods (simanim) that capture our aspirations for the New Year. While you're preparing for Rosh Hashana don't forget to have plenty of "simanim" available. The simplest way  is to serve all of the foods in their raw state on a large platter. The vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables make a striking presentation. I like to serve a platter with some of these foods as well as make foods for the meal that incorporate the simanim (like squash stir fry or carrot salad). While you're in the produce section picking up dates, pomegranates, apples, carrots, beets, cabbage, and leeks don't forget a new "shehecheyanu" fruit as well. Go for it, try those exotic looking fruits that you can't even name! Stop by your kosher fish vendor as well (both fish and fish heads are simanim). You can even make up your own simanim like (lettuce, 1/2 a raisin, celery "let us have a raise in salary"). It can't hurt!
*For more great (allergy-friendly)ways to incorporate the simanim into your Rosh Hashana  order "A Taste of Sweetness" downloadable cookbook today (delivered to your inbox instantly). 
To learn more about simanim and other Rosh Hashana customs read ABC's of Rosh Hashana

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