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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alternative Pastas

Plate of pasta with tomato sauce
The Pasta Post
So you think you can't eat pasta anymore because you're avoiding wheat. Well, think again....
We live in amazing times. You can have your pasta and eat it too. Alternative gluten free pastas can be made from: quinoa, brown rice, potato, lentil, and even corn. They come in a variety of shapes as well. The taste and textures of these noodles is not the same as the wheat versions but with the right sauce you'll get used to them. Follow the cooking directions on the box for the best outcome and top with your favorite sauce and vegetables. A flavorful marinara sauce with sauteed zucchini, fresh garlic,onion, basil and mushrooms can make a bland pasta sing. Avoiding milk, worried about a protein source for your pasta? No problem, choose a high protein pasta like quinoa or lentil. No need to add any additional protein. Alternative pastas aren't only found on the shelves.. they could be in the produce section too! Cook up a spaghetti squash and you'll be astonished by the pasta-like quality of the squash. Experiment and tell me about your favorite "un-pasta" in the comments section.

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