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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kiwi Allergy

One of the best things about summertime is enjoying fresh fruit.The kiwi fruit's bright green color and tangy sweet taste make it a very appealing choice for fruit salads and platters. While not one of the big 8 (the most common allergens) kiwi allergies can be severe. I have 2 children who are severely allergic to kiwi. When one of my sons was 2 years old he had a small piece of kiwi and immediately reacted with vomiting and hives. It was a very severe and dramatic reaction. Needless to say, kiwi doesn't make it's way into our household. Just beware of that little fuzzy fruit. It may be more trouble than it's worth!

Kiwi Allergy Facts:
Kiwi allergy prevalence is steadily increasing in North America. It is one of the most common allergies in Europe. According to research, geography may play a role. They have found that where there's more birch, there's likely to be more kiwi allergy. Birch pollen, avocado, rye grain, banana, and hazelnut all cross-react with kiwi (these allergens share similar traits and can react the same way in the body.(source:

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  1. I'd never heard of anyone being allergic to kiwi--until my son broke out in hives from just a small bite (I don't remember if he vomited, but he might have--he often does if he gets too much of certain allergens). In fact, he's allergic to all the foods you mentioned in this post EXCEPT banana--those he can ear with no problem. The rest cause some kind of reaction, usually very quickly (as opposed to some like apples that have to be absorbed before they show a reaction).

    1. Wow Lisa, I feel for you. It is rough when the list of avoided foods is so long. Hang in there, hopefully the list will get shorter as he gets older.
      All The Best-Tamar