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Monday, July 9, 2012

Eggfree, Nutfree Birthday Ideas

Having food allergies often means that we can't buy our kids b-day cakes at regular bakeries (due to problematic ingredients and cross-contamination). This doesn't mean the b-day boy/girl can't have a special cake. Everything's possible with a little bit of creativity....

That special nephew of mine that I blogged about just turned 6. Happy Birthday Menschi!
My sister made him an awesome eggfree, nutfree birthday cake that tasted great and was super easy to make(see recipe below).It even looked amazing. My sister, an artist, made him a gorgeous cat-shaped cake(by request).We're not all artists, but we all have creativity we can tap into. Think out of the box. Feel free to use safe cake mixes as well. Remember to be careful about edible toppings, many have egg and nut ingredients. Instead, you can try non-edible toy decorations.Need inspiration for birthday cake designs? Try this site cake inspirations. Oreo cookie balls (dairy free, nutfree, eggfree) are a birthday party favorite too. 

Super Easy Eggfree Birthday Cake
1 Duncan Hines golden cake mix (always check box for may contain statements)
3/4 cup seltzer

Bake at 350 (follow baking directions on package)
(Just 2 ingredients? I was skeptical too, but it really works. The consistency is fine and so is the taste.

*Wheatfree birthday idea- make your own sundae party. Purchase or make a safe ice-cream for your child (there are lots of non-dairy options out there). Top with safe syrups and toppings.
Another option is making gluten free cake from scratch or from a gluten free cake mix.
                                                      Chocolate Frosted Cupcakes are just as good as our gluten free muffingluten free, dairy free, nutfree cupcakes


  1. My daughter is also allergic to eggs and peanuts. I want to clarify on this blog post. I substitute the oil and eggs and water that's called for on the back of the box, for the seltzer? Can you please confirm? I definitely want to try this!!

    Thank you!

    1. Shira,
      Sorry to hear about your daughter's allergies.
      Yes, the seltzer is a substitute for the other liquid ingredients. Pretty wild? Enjoy it in good health!