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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Allergies

 Many people with food allergies also suffer from airborne allergies such as pollen, and dust mites.
The spring allergy season is over (Thank G-d) but wait could there be summer allergies as well?
Unfortunately, yes! Two of my boys have been rubbing their eyes incessantly and have the accompanying runny nose (rhinitis). In the Spring, tree pollens are the offending agents. In the Summer, the culprits are usually grasses, and weeds (like ragweed). The long and short of it, airborne allergies(just like food allergies) can be a year round nuisance (especially true for dust mite allergy). So if you're suffering, it might be time to speak to your allergist. You can also try these tips: head to the beach (less allergens there),  clean your home air filters, and stay indoors when those pollen counts get ridiculously high.Wishing you a clear eyed, sniffle-free summer.


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