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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gluten Free Cholent

Thought I'd get one more Shabbos recipe in there for you as we head into that special day.
Cholent typically is made with barley which has gluten. In addition, many wheat allergic people can't tolerate it.Other sources of gluten in cholent include: condiments used to flavor the stew like BBQ sauce and Teriyaki sauce. What's a Yid to do? Fear not fret not, you can still have that hot comfort food you love for Shabbos lunch. Instead of barley use a bag of brown rice (like success rice boil bags). Got lots of guests? Add another bag. Whatever you do, don't cook the bag in the cholent (just the rice). Substitute gluten free condiments for those sneaky allergenic ones. Some kosher, lip-smacking gluten free alternatives are San-J Teriyaki sauce and Smokin Joe's BBQ sauce.  Next, prepare the cholent as you normally would. Go ahead, make it for your family this Shabbos. They'll love it!
Have a Good Shabbos!
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