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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dryers and Food Allergies

What do dryers and food allergies have in common? No, this isn't a joke. Dryers breaking down in a household of 12 is not very funny(this just happened to us). Neither are food allergies. If you're dealing with food allergies, you know about adversity.
We don't ask for challenges but when they come our way we really can grow from them. Let's see, what's the silver lining in not having a functional dryer with mounds of laundry to do? Hubby has been shlepping the laundry to the laundromat, less laundry to deal with for me (more time to focus on our family and this blog). What's the silver lining in dealing with food allergies... developing discipline. Children who learn to live with food allergies eventually learn to be independent and disciplined about their eating.
This skill can transfer to other areas of their lives as well. Allergist, Dr. Paul Ehrlich mentions that kosher patients are prepared to manage food allergies by being familiar with restricted diets. View his article hereEnough about self-growth, anyone have a dryer I can use?

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