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Monday, March 18, 2013

Passover- Pareve, Eggless Ice-Cream Recipe

Eggfree, nutfree Passover desserts are a rarity. This easy recipe is proof that food allergy friendly Passover desserts are not only possible but simply delicious!!!
One of my go-to-dessert recipes is Pareve(non-dairy) Ice Cream.
I use frozen whip topping as the base. The great thing about this easy dessert is
that it is egg, dairy, wheat, nut, soy, and corn free. How awesome is that?
Just Whip the topping and add your favorite flavor. Be sure to pick up a bunch of frozen topping containers(the kind you have to whip yourself). You'll need a bunch if you're expecting a crowd or you want to freeze ahead. Use a blender, stand mixer or  preferably an ice-cream maker.
*note -defrost those frozen whip toppings before adding to mixer, they will kill the motor if they're still solid ice.

Fruit Flavors
add pureed frozen fruit (mango, strawberry etc...)
or pureed canned fruit (peach)
or nectar (mango) or fruit combos peach mango (add canned peaches and ripe mango)

add cocoa powder, sugar and vanilla
or chocolate syrup or liqueur

add strong coffee (dissolved in hot water), vanilla extract
and sugar. Add some chocolate chips to create coffee chip (a
favorite at our house)

Chocolate Chunk
crush a pareve nut free chocolate bar into chunks
throw into vanilla, coffee, or chocolate ice-cream

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