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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Passover Chocolate Mousse Macaroons

This recipe is a shortcut for a decadent gluten free Passover dessert. 
*Manischewitz Macaroon Dough doesn't list any nut ingredients but does have a warning about nuts in the facility on the label

  • Purchase a tub of Passover Manischewitz Frozen Chocolate Macaroon Dough. 
  • Follow package directions for making the cookies but instead of making small ones, make jumbo ones for individual dessert portions.
  • Prepare chocolate mousse (1 container Ungar's Whipped topping, 1/2 bag of melted chocolate chips). Melt chips and cool (watch them, don't let them burn). Reserve a little bit of melted chocolate for a drizzle. Whip topping and fold in cooled chocolate to form a  mousse. 
  • Slather mousse over cooled jumbo macaroons. 
  • Drizzle extra chocolate over mousse. 
Voila, a super rich dessert that doesn't break the bank or make you break out in hives!

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