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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Passover - Money Saving Tips

As we all know, Passover products can drain the wallet quickly.
What can we do to keep those bills from skyrocketing?
Here are a few moneysaving tips:
  1. Prepare lists in advance (based on anticipated needs)
  2. Shop around for best prices (scope out the prospects before purchasing)
  3. Buy wholesale when possible (case orders, kosher food coop, split case orders with friends/family)
  4. Don't overbuy (who wants to be stuck w 4 cans of potato starch after Passover)- many stores will not accept returns on Passover Products after Passover
  5. Purchase items that don't require special Passover certification whenever possible
  6. Potatoes are cheap, filling and very versatile
  7. Fruits and vegetables aren't cheap but are still cheaper than specialty Passover foods
  8. Buy in bulk (potatoes, eggs especially)
  9. Make as much from scratch as possible (Passover prepared foods will always be much more expensive)
  10. Forget about Pesach hotels (even the start up costs of making Pesach for the 1st time will be cheaper)
A great resource
for Passover on a Budget 
ideas is Mara Strom's blog

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