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Friday, March 1, 2013

Passover List- Refrigerated Items

download this shopping list template
Heading out to do some Passover shopping? Feeling a bit overwhelmed?
Use my lists as a starting point and then customize to your individual needs.
I will be dividing up this list into Passover Dry Goods, Freezer, and Refrigerated
tip-buy specialty Passover refrigerated foods (like cheeses) before other more easy to find foods
like fruits and vegetables. You won't have a hard time finding Potatoes the week of Pesach, but all of the Passover deli meats or salads might be gone.

Passover Refrigerated Items 
Dairy (if you're not allergic) milk,butter,sliced cheeses, cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt
Non- Dairy Margarine (corn and soy allergic?stock up!)
Eggs (if you're not allergic buy dozens of these)
Deli Meats
Prepared Salads (only if no egg in dressing) health salad, cucumber salad etc...
Fresh Meats and Chicken

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