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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Passover Gluten Free Dessert Shortcut

Searching for a decadent Passover dessert that won't break the bank and won't take you all day to make?This dessert made with packaged gluten free Passover pound cake is just the thing.
Egg Allergic? Sorry, this recipe won't work.You will not find a packaged Passover cake without eggs.
Buy 2 packages of  Passover non-gebrokts (gluten free) pound cake.Pick a kind that is relatively flat because you'll be stacking them. Alternatively, you could buy a higher pound cake and slice it in half horizontally to get your thin layers. Read the label (check for nut ingredients and traces statements).Here are some fun things you can do to dress up this pound cake for it's evening debut.
1-Raspberry jam in between the layers and cover with chocolate ganache (melted bag of chocolate chips, 2T margarine, and 4T whipped topping together)
2-Coffee cream in between the layers(beat pareve whipped topping with some strong coffee, vanilla extract, and sugar to sweeten a bit if desired), frost with extra coffee cream and garnish with chocolate shavings (see above pic.)
3-Strawberry shortcake style. Whipped topping with some vanilla instant pudding mix in between the layers and covering the cake.
4- Chocolate pound cake with vanilla frosting- This probably the simplest option. Purchase chocolate pound cake and frost with allergy friendly passover frosting. Garnish with berries

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