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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passover- Feeding Allergic Kids

What will you feed your food allergic child on Passover?
Stumped? This is understandable because so many foods are off limits and your child's diet is even further restricted by food allergies. Fret not fear not. Gather all of the recipes you can that are compatible with your child's diet. After you've made an exhaustive list of what they can eat analyze it nutritionally. If your child's health would be at risk at all because of a very restricted Passover diet ask your Rabbi about the products in question. For example, if your child is milk allergic and usually has soy milk ask about giving your child soy milk  during the holiday(try to find one that doesn't contain chometz ingredients like barley extract).
This certainly goes for formula as well. Be advised that if you're feeding your child products that are problematic for Passover for the rest of the family they should be prepared in an alternative area (not kitchen) where their food won't come into contact with yours.
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