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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passover- Nut Allergies

The good news is that peanuts are generally not a problem on Passover because they are kitniyos (legumes that are not eaten by Ashkenazic Jews during Passover).The bad news is that there are plenty of tree nuts around. If you are tree nut allergic be on guard during Passover!
Ground nuts are often substituted for flour in a variety of foods since regular flour can't be used.Most commonly, you'll find nuts in desserts and snacks but you can also find them in side dishes as well as salads. Read labels on everything and inquire about all home cooked or prepared foods. Many items don't list nuts as ingredients but are produced on shared equipment and contain traces of nuts. You can never be
too careful.
*Tip-If you have nut allergic small children consider having the rest of your household go nutfree over Passover. Even if you prepare safe food for your nut allergic children having nuts "around" may cause problems.

Passover Foods that Frequently Contain Nuts 
Cakes,Cookies, Brownies
Cake and Cookie Mixes
Chocolate Covered Desserts
Misc. Desserts

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