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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Passover List- Freezer

download this shopping list template
Heading out to do some Passover shopping? Feeling a bit overwhelmed?
Use my lists as a starting point and then customize to your individual needs.
I will be dividing up this list into Passover Dry Goods, Freezer, and Refrigerated
*Tip- Stock up on Passover freezer items well in advance. Plan out all yom tov and chol homoed
food needs. In addition, try to anticipate what items might be useful for the rest of the year that won't be available later.Stores often don't restock their Passover inventory due to concerns about overstocking unsellable merchandise.

Passover Freezer Items
Whipped Topping (such as Unger's or Kineret)- many
Non-Dairy Creamer (corn allergic?- enjoy the corn derivative holiday!!!)
Frozen Vegetables (such as bodek cauliflower, spinach, and broccoli)
Sorbet (check ingredients for eggs)
Gluten Free Blintzes and Knishes (have eggs)
Non-Gebrokts Gefilte Fish loaves (gluten free but have eggs)
French Fries
Hot Dogs (quick chol homoed supper for kids)
Chicken and Meat Order (ask butcher if all items are kosher for Passover)

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